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We are a team of „Systems Thinkers“

We unlock growth through our unique Systems Thinking approach. To unlock growth, you need a big picture perspective across the whole communications system. That’s why we pioneered Systems Thinking in media. Through our cutting-edge technologies, unparalleled data and creativity, we don’t simply create automated processes – our experts combine our systems and technologies with a relentless focus on driving growth for our clients.

Our services

We will help you grow

Communication system that delivers results

We design a communication strategy in online and offline media that will support your business. Our experts will set measurements against the right KPIs, identify and design solutions inside your organization.

Performance marketing and digital transformation

We can help you with marketing automation, we can design a solution for connecting data platforms and their use for business results. We set up a conversion funnel, which we optimize together.

Influencer marketing and social media management

We create tailor-made communication with your fans, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or LinkedIn. We will select and manage suitable influencers for you, using our unique solution - Influence Power Index.

Content and own media

We create functional creatives based on data, which significantly increases their relevance. From design proposal to dynamic platform-specific creatives. We cover the whole process up to production completely, including SEO.

Research, analysis, technology and data

Our research is not just a presentation. We do analyzes not only to get to know the consumer or the market, but to turn the results to better performance of your programmatic campaigns, and / or to optimize against measurable KPIs (top of the funnel).

Consultations and workshops

Our experts provide consultations for each point of the communication system, including technological audit. If you need to get know-how into your organization, we offer a wide range of workshops.
Our works

Our successful solutions

SEAT: How to stand out in television
Tactical campaigns often combine a lot of different information, especially in automotive industry segment. Because of that, we came up with an atypical TV communication solution for SEAT special bonus offers.
Shell: Virtual tour of a fresh food corner
Selected Shell gas stations offer the opportunity to buy basic, fresh food, of which many motorists don't know. With this campaign, we introduced this food corner in an interesting way and motivated people to visit.
Shell: Waze custom adaptation of banners to time and place
One of the most important touchpoints of our client Shell is Waze, which can navigate motorists directly to Shell gas station. Motorists have different needs during differents times of the day, so the banners adapted.
Volkswagen: Ambassador project
With ambassador project for Volkswagen we delivered a cumulated reach of 7 mil. users during one year, gained nearly 10k new fans on Instagram and sold a minimum of 15 cars!
Continental: Winter tires
During the planning of winter tires campaign, we solved a problem of correctly identifying the target group, to which our client's offer will be relevant.
P&G: Sima x Always Platinum
In cooperation with a young slovak singer Sima we created a unique music video for Always Platinum brand, which torn down the barriers about this taboo theme.

Our clients

We work with big brands and smaller businesses too